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Final Cut Pro Audio Tutorial

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Tutorial – Full Overview


Step 1 – Installation


Step 2 – Building a Track


Step 3 – Edit to the Beat


Step 4 – Audio Editing


Step 5 – Voice Over


Step 6 – Mix and Master


FAQ’S for our Final Cut Pro audio tutorial

Why doesn’t my audio loop seamlessly?
The first question in our Final Cut Pro audio tutorial FAQ’s is the one we get asked the most. The answer is that you must be sure to have your snap tool enabled for seamless looping. You can enable Snapping by pressing ‘N’ on your keyboard.
Why is my audio clipping?
As with all multiple audio layers in Final Cut Pro, you need to highlight all of the audio within your timeline then reduce the volume accordingly. This is only necessary when clipping occurs.
My loop ends abruptly, what do I do for a smooth ending?
All loops can easily be faded in or out for smooth intro’s and outro’s. This can be done using the fade tool within Final Cut Pro.
How does the ‘A,B,C All’ loop system work?

All ‘Loop A’s’ can be stacked vertically within your timeline, the same with all ‘Loop Bs’ and so on. ‘Loop ALL’s’ can be placed anywhere in your arrangement along with ‘FX’. The arrangement is also chronological, so moving left to right in your time line should read A, B, C etc..

That said, experimentation is key. You will find that arrangements can be tailored and often ‘Loop A’s’ may work with ‘Loop C’s’ etc.

Why isn’t my ’SoundStack’ available in my audio sidebar after installation?
If the installer was successful and you can not see your purchased ‘SoundStack’, please contact us at, quoting your name, email, and receipt number.
How do I work with FCP Audio?
Visit our contact page and be sure you meet our requirements.