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Best Video Editing Software for Youtube

Finding the best video editing software for Youtube can be daunting. Which software best suits your needs? Which is best value for money and most importantly, which software best suits your workflow and level of expertise.

Guitar Legend Thomas McRocklin collaborates with FCP Audio on exciting new Final Cut Pro Music 

FCP Audio has announced that guitar hero Thomas McRocklin is a new collaborator. The company has said McRocklin recorded guitar at FCP Audio HQ to produce some amazing Final Cut Pro Music and will also continue to produce exclusive tracks.

Audio for FCPX | FCP Audio | Creation and Design Tips

When looking for audio for FCPX, you may find it useful to know that it is possible to create your own musical compositions from scratch.

Top Tips for Using Video Sound Effects | Plugins for FCPX | FCP Audio

First of all, high-quality audio is a must for any great videography. Audio which synchronises perfectly with the visuals and pro sound effects make the difference between a big impact and and a flop.

Plugins for Final Cut Pro | FCP Audio | Superior Customisable audio

Are you searching the net for music plugins for Final Cut Pro? Are you in need of customisable audio plugins that are Royalty-Free and cover a range of genres?