A team of talented film makers and audio producers came together in 2016. Our aim was to explore the restrictions with current Final Cut Pro Sound. We wanted to make audio for filmmaking simple.

Until now, most of the stock music available on-line was found to be overpriced, and under produced. Consequently, we found from our research that ‘authentic’ and credible genre styles were not readily available. Most noteworthy, we found that music purchased could not be edited to neatly integrate with your visuals. Our vision emerged. We can now provide high quality audio for filmmaking that is customisable and Royalty Free. Our journey here begins.

Let us introduce you to our ‘SoundStack’ system. The future of Final Cut Pro sound.

‘Making Sound Simple’

This is what we provide:

  • An Audio plugin which automatically renders your music available within the ‘Final Cut Pro’, ‘Audio Sidebar’
  • Each FCP Audio ‘SoundStack’ comes with 3 tracks
  • Every track is broken down into its fundamental separate elements. Providing you with drums and music loops, SFX, licks and where applicable vocals, giving you endless editing possibilities 
  • Each track also has a long, medium and short version
  • The content available enables you to add to our existing tracks or even build your track from scratch. Therefore you can design your audio to perfectly match your visuals
  • We offer a visual click track with each song for seamlessly editing footage to the track tempo

Our mission is to help everyone, from novice to pro, to easily stack audio into finished tracks for their media projects. The system developed enables people with no prior Audio Production knowledge, to easily create and edit their own track. The search for customisable Royalty Free Music is over!