Multi purpose custom loops, tracks and SFX

Studio quality audio, from full tracks and sound effects, through to fully customisable audio loops, designed to fit any visuals! 

FCP Audio – Making Sound Simple

Well hello there audio
or video fanatic!

As hard working audio producers and videographers we’ve felt your pain! Spending hours trying to find the right audio for your video can be a pain in the proverbial. Painstakingly editing beats to match the pace of your video, whilst every man and his dog are grabbing the latest ‘cool’ track and bastardising video to fit.

We’ve created not only the first range of fully customisable, professionally produced audio specifically built for video editors. We also produce SFX/Foley and have the web’s finest collection of full tracks. 

We do have some of that generic ‘advert’ music, if thats what puts wind in your sails, but if you are an aficionado of the left-field and have a good appreciation of flavour, we’ve got you covered.

Music Loops

Fully customisable songs in loop format, designed to fit any project. Suitable for all video editing platforms

SFX / Foley

Professionally recorded with high end sound design, our SFX and Foley are produced at FCP HQ

Full Tracks

From singers who need backing tracks to Youtubers who need audio for their video’s, we’ve got you covered


In depth step by step video’s explaining how to use our ‘SoundStacks’ and ‘SoundScores’ 

Struggling to fit your audio to your video?

  • Edit full tracks or each individual component
  • Mix it up and create your own flavour
  • Match audio precisely to your visuals
  • Create professional results in minutes
  • Full tutorials to walk you through
  • License allows full private or commercial use
    on unlimited projects

Ramp it up!

With individual track components that give total creative freedom to your audio

Let's get down to it

Our SFX/Foley packs give you access to a range of sound effects and foley. All produced here at FCP HQ to the highest standards.

Full music tracks, ready to drop.

Welcome to FCP


Gutentag guys and gals. Perhaps introductions are in Order? My name is Ryan –

“Hi Ryan”,

and I love to create music. Woops! That felt a little like an AA introduction, but I can assure you I’m not an alcoholic… (Well not yet!) My business partner Michael loves to produce films and is a monumental tech geek. Herein lies the beginning of our journey.

In a nutshell, we set out on a mission to create a new way for members of the human race who have no musical background to build songs. This is how the ‘SoundStack’ was born. We have been involved in the industry for some time and fully understand the struggle faced by all creatives, both financially and mentally. We designed the ‘SoundStack’ with this in mind. We have kept it cheap, offered a full ‘no holes barred’ licence and strived to create a fun product which is easy to use. Our journey didn’t stop there. The success of the ‘SoundStack’ has pushed us to grow and innovate.

The music plugin for film makers

Do your need
Royalty free customizable music?
Then you’re in the right place!
Making Sound Simple

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Overview of
FCP product.....

Within Final Cut Pro, once you’ve installed your ‘SoundStack’, it will be available from the ‘Audio Side Bar’. In addition, due to our unique Final Cut Pro Plugins install application, you can preview track elements before ‘dragging and dropping’ into the Final Cut Pro timeline.

Fear not, if FCPX is not your chosen video editing software, you can still use our ‘SoundStacks’.  The principle of ‘Stacking’ audio to build compositions remains the same in any video editing platform. Simply select your desired option upon purchase.

Each and every ‘SoundStack’ comes with THREE audio tracks and each track comes with a long, medium and short version. But that’s not all… Each track comes split into its fundamental elements giving you drum loops, music loops, SFX, licks, risers and fills.


This means you can build completely unique tracks and arrangements from scratch, quickly and easily. Stacking the components to create endless possibilities and a real ‘one-off’ piece of audio for your video.

Browse our themed ‘SoundStacks’ by genre, where each and every element can be previewed and you can take your Final Cut Pro Audio to the next level.

Our next step was to develop the ‘SoundScore’.  For those of you who don’t yet know, to put it simply, a ‘SoundScore’ is one ginormous collection of sounds, loops and foley, which are built at the same speed and in the same key signature to enable endless possible musical directions.

Our next stop was the addition of Foley and SFX. We even booked a trip to Las Vegas where we took it upon ourselves to record our own gun sounds, (among other things which I better not mention. What happens in Vegas etc). Upon our return to normality, we decided it was time to expand our team globally!

In our experience, most music libraries are money grabbing d#%k heads who act shadily towards the little guy. We decided enough was enough. We have now created a single track page to offer producers and artists the biggest splits online. The rest is history.

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