Benefits of Final Cut Pro X | FCP Audio | Royalty Free Music UK

Benefits of Final Cut Pro X | FCP Audio | Royalty Free Music UK

FCP Audio, the leaders of providing royalty free music UK for FCPX editors, discusses the benefits of Final Cut Pro.

From cutting-edge motion graphics, editing and delivery, it’s not hard to see what so many of us video creators use it.

With new features such as ProRes Raw combined with advanced colour grading and HDR support, FCPX is used by millions throughout the globe.

Thanks to its intuitive design and its constant search for innovation, editors are handed the chance in Apple’s own words, to deliver at the speed of thought.

In our latest article, here we take a look at just some of its outstanding features and major benefits.

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Video editing

If you like the idea of experimenting with your story ideas, The Magnetic Timeline allows you to trim and move your clips without any sync or collision issues. You can also bundle individual video clips into one package using Compound Clips. In addition, you can use the colour coding feature to spot differing forms of content while customising the appearance of the timeline during the all-important editing process.

Organising Tools

FCPX provides the world’s most advanced organising tool. It is way ahead of any of the other world video editing platforms. You can tag whole clips with ease with metadata when you search. You can make Smart Collections that allow you to collate content according to your own custom requirements. If you want to quickly spot what you need in seconds, you scan all of content in a super visual format using the Skimming feature.

Motion Graphics

Final Cut Pro allows you to make 3D and 2D titles directly on the platform. What’s more, you can modify and apply filters and take advantage of the chroma key for advanced quality blue and green screen effects. There are also thousands of third-party templates and tools. This gives you the option to make more of the in-built effects.


Encoding video in Final Cut Pro is super fast thanks to the amazing power of its high-performance GPUs and Multi-core CPUs.

You can also deliver your files for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone along with websites such as Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube. In addition to this, you can adjust your settings within the platform.  Or you create custom export settings using Compressor in a huge range of video formats.

These are just some of the benefits and major features of Final Cut Pro X. It’s fast, dynamic, simple to use and constantly updated.

If you’re serious about video, you can’t afford to live without the Apple’s landmark video platform.

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