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Best Gimbals for DSLR

Calling all aspiring filmmakers! The best Gimbals for DSLR can be hard to find. There is no piece of kit that will elevate your productions more than a Gimbal. These clever gadgets use a combination of gyroscopes and accelerometers to monitor every move you make, responding with stabilising motions. No matter how much you move, your camera will remain steady. Hence giving you a pleasingly smooth shot without any disconcerting jarring.

They are not a cheap piece of kit, consequently selecting the correct Gimbal is a big decision. The correct Gimbal for you depends on the way you intend to use it. Here’s a quick guide to help point you at the right gimbal for your needs.

The Frequent Flyer

If you travel from location to location then I recommend the Varavon Birdycam Lite 3-Axis Motorized Stabilizer. It weighs an astonishing 5.5lbs. It is astonishing because while feather light, it still performs exceptionally well. Not only is this Gimbal light enough to easily carry (a blessing not only for travel but filming as well) it also folds up into a very compact travel case which makes transporting it a breeze.

It is packed with features, including a wireless joystick for remote operation, it is mountable to a tripod, and there are several configuration options available.

 They Get it Right First Time, Every Time

If you need a Gimbal that you can rely on. One which always works exactly as it should with no hiccups, then you want the DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer. The frame is aluminium based which means it works well in a large range of temperatures. From -5 oF to 122oF. No matter what location you go to, you can be secure in the knowledge that this Gimbal is going to keep on working for you.

It has three hand held configurations and with the Bluetooth joystick it supports two-person rig operation.

Only the best will do, no matter the cost

Freefly Movi Pro Handheld Bundle is one of the very best offerings on the market at the moment, however, this rig is pricey. But you do get what you pay for. The design of the rig means that you can hold it from virtually any position. No matter what shot you are going for this rig is going to help you to get it. It is easy to use, despite its somewhat intimidating appearance. The Bluetooth control options allow you to have dual operation with multiple different input devices, offering you true flexibility.

As you would expect from the price everything you will need is included. You won’t need to buy any separate chargers, bags or adapters. It is flexible enough to accommodate a large range of cameras. From the most compact cameras all the way to small cinema style cameras.

Whichever of these Gimbals you go for you are going to be amazed at how much it allows you to do. These aren’t just a fancy new toy they really are a tool that will help you to hone your craft.

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