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Top 5 – Best Portable Hard Drives on the Market

Due to the wide range of storage devices available on the market, finding the best portable hard drives can be difficult. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of what we feel to be the top five portable hard drives of 2018. We have covered a range of prices and storage sizes to cater for everyone. Take a look and see if you agree. We would love to hear your opinions and experiences with the products mentioned in the comments below.   

5. Adata SE730

Available in a new sleek gold or red design, the Adata SE730 offers 250GB of storage. It has IP68 certification, meaning it is water proof up to 1.5m, dust proof and shock resistant. However, it doesn’t come with encryption so is not ideal for storing sensitive data. The Adata is one of the fastest writing portable hard drives on the market even if not the best overall.

Price: $113.51

Best Portable Hard Drives
Best Portable Hard Drives

4. Seagate backup plus ultra slim 2TB

Offering a decent amount of storage, the Seagate backup plus is a great buy for those looking for a portable and easy to handle device. The Seagate is also cheapest and smallest on this list measuring just 9.6mm. However, do not be fooled by its small stature. This hard drive is enclosed in strong plastic, making it shock resistant and pretty resilient. The most notable feature of the Seagate is its stylish design. Coming in both platinum and gold with an attractive pattern on the casing. Looking for the best portable hard drive can be a difficult task, but if you’re looking to save money and want something that doesn’t look cheap then the Seagate backup plus ultra slim may be just what you are looking for.

Price: $69.49

3. WD My passport 4TB

Best Portable Hard Drives
Best Portable Hard Drives


One of the best portable hard drives for security. Offering Cloud storage and hardware encryption, the WD My passport range is great for sensitive data. Despite coming in a range of 6 colours, the hard drive can feel a bit on the heavy side and hard to handle. Especially when compared to some of the smaller drives on the market. However, users may over look this due to the 4TB storage on offer.

Price: $139.99

2. Transcend ESD400k

The Transcend ESD400K has been a strong competitor on the market for some time now. This is likely due to its handy one-click button for quick and easy backups. Its light weight and 1TB storage capacity are also appealing features for the cost. The price is midrange comparative to other hard drives on the market. However, is well worth the cash due to being a portable and powerful hard drive. The Transcend ESD400k is one of the best portable hard drives on the market currently.

Price: $93.60

1. LaCie’s Rugged Raid Pro

Best Portable Hard Drives
Best Portable Hard Drives

Well-known in the film industry as being one of the best hard drives on the market, LaCie graced us once more with the new Rugged Raid Pro. Revealed at this year’s NAB trade show, the Rugged Raid Pro maintains its poignant and recognisable orange rim design with exciting new features added. New technology provides faster writing, a storage capacity of 4TB and even better protection from the elements. LaCie have also added a built in SD card reader for direct uploads. If you’re looking for a solid portable hard drive that has extreme protection and storage capacity, the Rugged Raid pro is well worth the investment and considered by many professionals as one of the best portable hard drives available now.

Price: $329.95

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