Best Video Editing Software for Youtube

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Best Video Editing Software For Youtube
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Finding the best video editing software for Youtube can be daunting. Which software best suits your needs? Which is best value for money and most importantly, which software best suits your workflow and level of expertise. Read on to see our guide to finding the best video editing software for Youtube to help get the best from your footage.

Best Free Video Editing Software

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Best Video Editing Software For Youtube
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It seems that most would agree, the best video editing software for Youtube which doesn’t require parting with a hefty sum of cash is Lightworks. Users can create pro-media without shelling out any of that hard earned cash. It is an NLE platform and supports multitrack video, so great content can be created pretty easily. The software lacks refinement when compared with the likes of FCPX and Premier Pro, but if you are an amateur enthusiast and just starting out, we think this is the best none paid option.

Lightworks includes a lot of pro features normally only associated with the more high end NLE platforms. The main issue we found was the somewhat tricky user interface. It can take a lot of getting used to, but is worth the effort if you want the best video editing software for Youtube at no cost.

Lightworks is available for free on Mac, Windows and Linux systems. The paid version includes many more features and could be a worthwhile investment if you have taken the time to become competent with the software. The upgrade supports 3D rendering, wider file format support and more audio and vfx among other features.

Best Paid Video Editing Software

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Best Video Editing Software For Youtube
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Adobe Premiere Pro

The best video editing software for Youtube which is available in 2020 is a subject up for debate. We we have found that the software most editors favour depends on their technical expertise. For a more user friendly platform Apples FCPX is a sure winner but for the more professional approach, Premier Pro is the critics choice. 

Premier Pro is available for Windows and Mac, supports 360 and VR and offers users the ability to upload straight to Youtube, which can save a lot of time. The software also offers a collaborative function so you can work with your colleagues remotely, along with native support for an array of raw formats. New users will need to invest a lot of time to become familiar with the interface and tools, but once you get to grips with the functionality, your time spent will be rewarded. 

Aside from the time required to learn the ropes, the major setback with Premier Pro is the monthly subscription costs. This does depend on your financial situation though, as a hefty lump sum to attain the software is not required. The monthly fees however, do add up and can lead to paying a lot more if your subscription is permanent. Adobe offer a seven day trail which you can download HERE if you want to give it a shot. 

Best Free Phone Video Editing App

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Best Video Editing Software For Youtube
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The market for mobile applications to edit video is now a pretty big one. So much so we intend to write another blog to go over our top picks in more detail. We found one of the best free apps offering video editing software for Youtube was Splice. 

Splice is made by GoPo, so integrates really well if you use a GoPro to record footage. It is rather similar to iMovie in a lot of ways but we found the interface and usability to be slightly better. You can edit and arrange clips once imported, then add filters, transitions and text. Splice can also sync with your iTunes library to easily add multiple audio tracks which can also be processed with effects. Just the job! 

The main issue here is the copyright infringement of using music purchased within iTunes. You are unable to upload any of your creative masterpieces to Youtube. You could however, head over to FCP Audio and explore their library of great music. Once downloaded to your mac, you can use airdrop to transfer audio to your phone for use within the app. Easy as pie! 

Best Paid Phone Video Editing App

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Best Video Editing Software For Youtube
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Adobe Premier Rush

Rush is our top pic from the paid video editing apps. If you are looking for the best video editing software for Youtube then look no further. One of the great features of Rush is its availability for both iOS and desktop. This enables you to work on the go with your phone, then refine your project further when you arrive home. Rush will cost about £8.00 ($9.99), but this includes 100g cloud storage and a vast range of features. 

Rush is pretty easy to get to grips with. All work is synced with the cloud, the exported projects can be rendered with the specs required by your chosen platform. Adobe Sensei AI is enabled as well, for auto-ducking, noise reduction and sound balancing. Users are also granted access to built in animated templates with a multitrack timeline. 

We love how simple and effective the layout is. It is aimed more towards the amateur enthusiast whilst still maintaining a lot of pro features. The tools for adjustments and effects are located neatly on the right, with the source panel on the left, both of which are hidden when not in use. We know that this post is geared for Youtube, but the exporting options for Rush support every social media platform you could wish for, meaning uploading to your fans is a doddle. Our only gripe with Rush is its lack of a copy and paste tool. This can become annoying when editing but is easily overlooked as soon as you perfect your workflow. 

Best All Round Video Editing App

apple final cut pro timeline

Best Video Editing Software For Youtube

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Apple Final Cut Pro X

FCPX is the go to software for millions of users worldwide for a multitude of reasons. It is affordable, easy to use and can produce industry standard  professional content. Apple have gone to town with the most recent FCPX updates, making the software way more user friendly than previous versions. Although the software is relatively easy to use for the amateur enthusiast, a powerful machine is required to get the most out of the software. We suggest a minimum of 8g RAM with a powerful graphics card. Combined with the £240 ($299) for FCPX, this investment could be rather large, albeit worthwhile. 

The magnetic timeline takes a little getting used to at first, but once acquainted, your workflow will improve drastically. You can simply drag and drop source files of audio and video straight into your timeline. Your clips are then colour coded to define their role within the project. Macbook users with a touch bar also have added tools to increase workflow capabilities. You will find a library of sounds and audio/visual effects at your disposal, but the market for third party effects is now huge as well. 

FCPX also supports 360 VR now and is ready for HDR video. Once your project is complete you are given the option to render in a multitude of formats depending on the intent of your video. If you decide FCPX is for you, FCP Audio offer a wide range of customisable music plugins which install neatly into the audio sidebar. A certified winner if you wish to get creative with your audio and bring your footage to life.