Colour Correction in FCPX | 12 Minute Video With the Master | Denver Riddle

Colour Correction in FCPX | 12 Min Crash Course with Denver Riddle 

Courtesy of our friends over at, we have a 12 minute video for you about colour correction in FCPX. For those of you who are new to grading, meet Denver Riddle. He is probably the best around when it comes to colour correction and grading. He has worked alongside the likes of Apple and Sony and been kind enough to share some of his knowledge. If you wish to know more about Denver and what he is up to, you can head over to his site here.

FCPX Colour Wheels VS Colour Finale 

Denver Riddle is the author of the renowned plugin Colour Finale. For sometime now it has been the go to plugin for amateur and pro alike. Colour grading and correction is an integral part of the production process. Until now, FCPX did not offer anywhere near the same control as Colour Finale. However, the new 10.4 update offers a range of new tools, fulfilling most of the requirements of the filmmakers out there.

Most noteworthy though, there are still a few features missing from the new FCPX update. Group Grading, Xrite Colour checker, exporting LUT’s and LUT Previewing to name a few. But will this be enough? We are sure Apple will have some more tricks up their sleeves and some great new updates to come in the not so distant future. It would be a shame to see such a great plugin fall redundant. Alas, if FCPX is ticking all of the required boxes, Colour Finale may before long become a relic of the past. Along with Beta Max, Mini Disc and those delicious microwaveable Hot Pockets we all ate as kids. 

On To The Video in Question

So lets get down to brass tacks. Denver has been kind enough to offer this 12 minute video based around colour correction within FCPX. In the video, Denver is using the most recent version of FCPX, so if you have not updated yet, DO IT NOW! We guarantee you will not regret it. Besides the new colour wheels, there are some great new features.

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