Edit While You Shoot | Top Videomaking Tips | Audio for Final Cut Pro

Edit While You Shoot | Top Videomaking Tips | Audio for Final Cut Pro

On the hunt for filmmaking tips? Want smarter or faster video productions? If the answer is yes, then cracking the art of being able to edit while you film is a must.

Being able to edit while you’re on set is way more than just being able to get a film on time and on budget.

For many, it’s a way of life and something once you have it locked in, you’ll never forget.

It’s all about being able to have the imagination of a cinematographer whilst maintaining the ability to be a pessimistic hardline editor. Sounds easy, yes? Trust us, it isn’t!

Here at FCP Audio – providing audio for Final Cut Pro – we’ve got some top insider tricks that can make you shoot smarter, faster and better.

Rule Number One: It’s all about Note Taking

It may sound massively obvious but this element can’t be overstated. Throughout the production process, you need to get addicted to taking notes. Recording everything will force you to remember, trust us when you’re shooting on the run, it’s so easy to forget your big thoughts. Make sure you pause when you’re filming every so often and review what you’ve done over the last hour.

Take time to come to terms with what works and what doesn’t….

Rule Number Two: Make sure you Mark your shots

OK, so not all cameras can do this. But if you can mark while you shoot, this is a tried and tested form of being able to edit when you’re shooting on the go. If you can mark, you will be able to massively speed up the editing process as you’ll be fully aware of what shots will work and fit for different sections of your video.

Rule Number Three: Don’t forget your strongest shots

This rule is essential and it can speed up your editing process massively. If you get into the trusty habit of making sure you start any video project with your best and strongest shot you can’t go far wrong.

If you’ve already got your mind on which piece of content you’re going to use on your timeline, this will prove instrumental. Lock it in from the beginning and you’ll be able to construct your timeline in your mind while you’re filming.


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Covering a wide range of genres, we can make the difference in your next film.

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