Electronic Royalty Free Music | FCP Audio | Customisable music for FCPX

Electronic Royalty Free Music | FCP Audio | Customisable music for FCPX

On the hunt for amazing electronic Royalty Free music for your video content? FCP Audio is the first customisable audio platform for Final Cut Pro X, and we have a new collection to share!

It’s always big news in FCP Audio HQ when we produce new audio for our customers. We know that our electronic range of music always strikes the right chord with all you video creatives out there.

That’s why, we’re launching the Definite Series Electronic Music collection. Featuring some of the best electronic royalty free music available online right now.

Definite Series Electronic | The ultimate customisable collection of electronic music for video content

Priced at just £99.99, this package contains four amazing ‘SoundStacks’ complete with three unique tracks in each – that’s 16 customisable audio tracks for under £100!

Definite Series Electronic contains Planet Fantasia, Electric Spirit, Digital Chic and Charged Bliss, all completely authentic in their own way and 100% royalty free.

Each track within a ‘SoundStack’ is then broken down into its all-important elements including…

  • Music Loops
  • Drum Loops
  • Licks
  • SFX
  • Fills and so much more.

So How does it work?

If you’ve heard of FCP Audio then you know we’re all about the ‘SoundStack’ – which allows you as the name suggests, to stack audio within the Final Cut Pro Timeline. No external programmes required, arrange music all inside FCPX. Use our super simple and effective click track which is included in every track.

You wouldn’t want your visuals out of sync with the tempo would you?

Once you’ve installed your ‘SoundStack’, it will be available instantly in the FCPX Audio Side Bar.

From there, you can preview and then drag and drop your audio easily into the timeline.

Each track comes with a long, medium and short version, pre made for you to use like you would any other audio. Furthermore, we have provided you with all the musical elements so you can build countless different arrangements.

Explore FCP Audio Today

If you’re searching for the best electronic Royalty Free music for your videos FCP Audio is the best solution around.

It’s quick, it’s easy to use, and we never compromise on quality. Our in-house engineers and producers wouldn’t allow it.

Take your video to a whole new level with FCP Audio

We’re delighted to be able to launch the ultimate Electronic Royalty Free Music for videos collection but we also provide an unrivalled collection to suit all tastes and styles.

To find out more about what’s on offer head over to our website today. From electronic and eighties to inspirational and the cinematic, we’ve got you covered.

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