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Music for Adverts | FCP Audio | Final Cut Pro X

Are you searching for music for adverts? Trusted by creative professionals, 100% copyright free and available in a variety of styles, FCP Audio is a leading provider of amazing customisable audio.

Designed for use for those familiar with Final Cut Pro X, we provide highly engaging music for the world’s video creators.

If you’re fed up with below par and expensive audio and need something you can make your own, then we have the solution.

Need great audio? There is another way…

For an advert or a promotional film to be successful, we understand that professional audio makes all the difference. Your audience demands something that will spark an emotion or a reaction. If your customers are going to buy your product, high-quality music for adverts is a must.

Using our celebrated SoundStack’ system and plugin for FCPX, we’re ready to fix you up with a stunning variety of styles and genres right at your fingertips.

By listening to just one of our ‘SoundStacks, we’re 100% confident that you’ll soon realise why we’re one of the number one online destinations for Royalty Free Music.

We’re adding to our music library all of the time to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers and we have a new ‘SoundStack’ to share with you.

Introducing our latest SoundStack: Advert Music Inspirational

Priced at just £29.99 and containing three separate tracks within it, Advert Music Inspirational is our latest music. Designed for adverts or Youtube content created using Final Cut Pro X.

If you need something that’ll garner feelings of warmth and inspiration for your video content, Advert Music Inspirational will strike the right chord.

We believe that this ‘SoundStack’ has real depth and will offer something for a wide variety of visuals. From adverts and promos to simple YouTube shorts, we’ve got you covered with this one.

What do I get with this SoundStack?

All of our ‘SoundStacks’ come complete with three unique genre specific tracks and three different versions, short, medium and long.

But that’s not all. They’re also broken down into their fundamental elements for easy customisation. This includes: drum and music loops, licks, fills, risers and SFX.

Once you’ve downloaded your ‘SoundStack’, it’s time to stack the elements and build a song. Edit to the beat with our super simple visual click track and get ready to unleash the creative side within.

Tell me more about FCP Audio

We’re proud to provide the world with customisable music for Final Cut Pro X. No more overpriced audio, forget endless days of clunky editing and get ready to discover how pro audio should sound.

To see what’s on offer head on over to our ‘SoundStacks’ area of our website.

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