FCP Audio takes a look at FCP Effects plugins and selects the top 5 must have plugins.

FCP Effects was created in 2011 and has grown into the go to site for Final Cut Pro X Plugins. With a huge selection of quality and affordable plugins at crazy discounts, allowing all editors access to industry standard plugins.

Today we are going to look at FCP Audios top 5, hand selected, must have FCP Effects plugins.


  1. BPM2 is a collection of 55 Final Cut Pro plugins that make it possible and super easy to sync video effects to music in very little time. Simply drag and drop any of the desired effects on to your clips and watch as they’re immediately transformed, quick and easy!




2. Skin Smoother 2 – Quickly smooth out unwanted skin details with this powerful & easy to use FCPX plugin. Watch the video below in fullscreen to see it in action.




3.Finishing Plugin – The Finishing Plugin allows you to quickly & easily put the finishing touches on your videos in FCPX, bringing them to their full potential!





4.Type Designer – The Type Designer Plugin makes it incredibly easy to create stunning, attention capturing animated titles with no keyframing required!




5.Vignette Plugin – The Vignette Plugin allows you to easily beautify your films and effectively guide your viewers’ attention to what you want them to see.




Well there we have it FCP Audio’s top 5 FCP Effects plugin. With many many more to choose from head over FCP Effects today and see if there is something for your next project.

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