In the Studio making FCPX Audio.

We caught up with Ryan in the studio working on a new FCPX Audio ‘SoundStack,’ and had a quick chat to see what he was up to.

So what FCPX Audio SoundStacks are you working on at the moment?

“I’m in the middle of a HipHop ‘Stack’ at the minute. I have had some very talented, local HipHop producers in the lab with me. We have been putting down some very tasty beats using Native Instruments ‘Maschine Mk3.’ What a beautiful piece of kit! Also been experimenting a fair bit with the ‘Prophet 08’ from Dave Smith. Such a great sounding synth for the HipHop flavours. It just instantly makes anything sound fat as hell. I’m really happy with the progress so far, going to be another great Stack I think. We have been keeping the tracks true to the art so any HipHop fans are sure to love it”.

So are you big into using hardware?

“Hell yeah! Any excuse to use the compressors we have here and I’m all over it. I love the SSL G Bus but my go to compressor is the LA2A. As Far as synths go I am mostly using the ‘Prophet 08’ and the Korg ‘Minologue’ at the moment. They are two very different sounding pieces of kit. I tend to use the ‘Prophet’ for big evolving pad sounds and the ‘Minologue’ more for subtle leads and basses. Much prefer using hardware synths though. They always sound far better and are great fun to automate live”.

Do you have your eye on any new bits of kit then?

“Haha, yeah. Always!! We are constantly on the look out for new tech to speed up workflow or better our sound. Currently looking into an original ‘Fender Rhodes,’ a ‘Hammond B3’ and Abletons ‘Push.’ Hearing some good things about ‘Push,’ although I do love ‘Maschine’, Native Instruments equivalent. We actually have ‘Maschine Jam’ and ‘Komplete Kontrol Mk2’ in the studio as well. Jam is great fun to use but I feel it is more suited to live scenarios”.

Are you penned in to produce any more FCPX Audio ’SoundStacks’ in the near future?

“Of course! We have loads of new ’Stacks’ in the pipe. I’m afraid I am sworn to secrecy on that front though. If I told you, I would have to kill you, haha. I can tell you that we will be going travelling overseas to record on site though. We are always striving to hit hard with every pack and feel we want to produce our music to be as authentic as possible. If this means taking a trip to the place of the musics origin then so be it”.

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