FCPX Training | Step 5 Voice Over | Final Cut Pro X

FCPX Training | Step 5 Voice Over | Final Cut Pro X

In this FCPX Training video we are going provide a step by step guide explaining how to keyframe your audio. In this example, the key framing is applied to a voiceover, thus generating a clearer and more audible vocal.

if you need some tips on recording a voice over head over to our How to record a voice over here.

Getting the fades for the vocal parts to sit correctly is an integral part of the process and can often be overlooked. Always keep in mind, the gain transitions should be subtle enough to be un-audible to your viewers.

Anyway, the main thing is to have fun with it! Editing audio can often be tricky but practice makes perfect! We hope our tutorial is helpful and would love to hear from you with links to your productions.

Choosing the right backing track for your project

Head over to our ‘SoundStack’ page here and feel free to take a listen to our background music collections.

Want to see more Tutorials?

Head over to FCP Audio’s tutorial page where Steve, one of our engineers will walk you through the basics to get you ‘stacking’. He will show you how build and arrange a track, then sync your audio to video in Final Cut Pro.

Want to try it for your self?

FCP Audio have created a FREE track called Untouchable. You can download this track here and practice arranging and editing to the beat before you buy.

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