FCPX Tutorial | Step 3 Edit to the Beat | FCP Audio

FCPX Tutorial | Step 3 Edit to the Beat | FCP Audio

We are now going to show you a brand new technique which is unique to FCP Audio! In this FCPX Tutorial: Step 3 – Edit to the Beat, we will outline the benefits of using our visual click track. This video will demonstrate our system using a simple timeline, explaining how we edited our footage to the audio with pin point precision.

We have all encountered videos with poor edits. Even if you had the highest quality 4k footage, combined  one of Hanz Zimmers symphonic masterpieces, poor edits can sill have a huge detrimental effect on your final product. Thanks to our visual click aid, you now have the ability to cut the to video, perfectly in sync with the BPM of your chosen song. Using the click track even means no listening is required. You can edit by simply cutting your footage in line with the audio pulses in our click track.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Want to know more?

If you love our new innovative way of building your own, Royalty Free music compositions, why not head over to our ‘SoundStack’ page and browse our many different genres, moods and styles. Use our filter search function, which enables you to search multiple genres and moods at the same time! Simply tick your chosen styles and hit apply.

FCP Audio – The Home of the SoundStack

FCP Audio is a UK based global provider of customisable music for FCPX. With a wide variety of genres available and easily editable music at your fingertips. We’re ready and armed to help you produce video’s with a look and sound that Hollywood would be proud of.

Want to Watch all the tutorial steps? head on over to our  tutorial page.  

Finally, to download a FREE track and try it for your self, simply click here.  

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