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Basic Filmmaking Tips | FCP Audio | Music plugins for FCPX

Are you thinking about shooting a dialogue scene with two people for your next film? Little unsure of the basics?

Here at FCP Audio – the home of music plugins for FCPX – we know a thing or two about shooting great content.

In our latest how-to guide, here’s an all you need to know lowdown of how to pull it off!

Trust us, the dialogue is an essential ingredient in a video project, just as it is in everyday life. Even if you take things back to the good old days of silent film, the dialogue side of things made or broke the story.

Nowadays, it’s still right up there and forms of the bedrock of a film’s development.

If you’re struggling with scenes were dialogue is most definitely needed, here are some things we believe you should consider.

The Basics 

OK, so you’re in a situation where you’re shooting a two-way convo. From modern sitcoms to old-school cinematic greats, two stationary talkers is commonplace.

To be able to stylise and maximise your coverage for a nice spread of close-up and wide shots here’s what we recommend…

  • Get close-ups of each person reacting and listening
  • Grab close-ups of your actors talking
  • Over the shoulder shots or OTS of both subjects
  • A wide shot of both actors for diversity and dynamism on set

How you should set up the lighting 

Lighting can be a difficult task when you are shooting scenes where dialogue is involved. This is especially the case when you’re not carrying out a single camera setup. If you are, shooting wide to close up is the way to go.

Once you leave the two-shot, you’ll only need lighting for one person in the shot which makes life a lot easier.

If you’re using more than one camera, you’ll have to light both of your subjects for each and every angle.

But what about the audio?

As a leading platform for music plugins for FCPX, we like to think audio is our area of expertise.

Once you’ve been able to set your shots, audio is next in line for your consideration. When both of your subjects are static, then you won’t face many issues. But when more than one person is involved, then there are some basic and key fundamentals to use.

  • Make sure the recording device is well hidden between both of your actors
  • Make sure the boom is overhead and is not visible
  • Make sure you also have a boom underneath your actors
  • Use lapel mics for each actor

To get quality audio, using the above approaches will get you there. If you do decide to boom both, make sure you’re in a sound position to be able to pivot and move to grab each of the actor’s words.

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