Final Cut Pro Music

Become a word class composer in a matter of hours with FCP Audio’s simple to use yet fully customisable ‘SoundStacks.’

Customisable music to fit your visuals - seamlessly

Build musical arrangements using individual instruments. With each track broken down into elements such as drums, guitar, piano and vocals, our ‘SoundStacks’ allow you to easily piece components together to create seamless loops. Delivering pitch perfect music to match any visuals you choose.

Each ‘SoundStack’ contains three royalty free compositions including long, medium and short versions, and a visual click, combined with every individual component. Thus offering you endless possibilities for creating your very own masterpiece, perfectly synced to any visuals you choose.

Try our Soundstacks for free

Welcome to our Library of fully customisable Final Cut Pro Music for FCPX. On our ‘SoundStack’ page you will find music for filmmakers. Our genre/mood specific packs install directly into FCPX. Your music can then be edited or arranged to perfectly match your visuals.

Here at FCP Audio our aim is that everyones Final Cut Pro music should be of the highest standard. To achieve this we have made our ‘SoundStacks’ easy to use and edit. Our Royalty Free ‘SoundStacks’ install directly into Final Cut Pro X and give you a high level of control which provides your own unique audio. Most of all you will have a new product which will elevate your video to the next level.

The current Final Cut Pro music has been over used and become somewhat stale and static. FCP Audio offers music for filmmakers who want an easy and reliable user experience, with new and exciting genres and styles being regularly added to the site.

Welcome to a new era for Final Cut Pro music.