Final Cut Pro Training | Step 4 Audio Editing | FCP Audio

Final Cut Pro Training | Step 4 Audio Editing | FCP Audio

In this Final Cut Pro Training video we are going to provide you with the required knowledge to edit audio to video. Because of the unique way in which our audio regions are stacked, we have devised an installer, which once installed displays the audio within FCPX. This means identifying each element is as easy as pie. You will learn some handy short cuts too!

This video will show you how you can dramatically change the structure and arrangement of each track, creating the feel and length which best matches your visuals. Making sure your song selection is telling the same story as your video, as this is essential. Do not underestimate how influential the arrangement and element selection can change how your viewer perceives the footage.

Watch the video below and learn how easy audio editing can be!

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Head over to our ‘SoundStack’ page and browse our many different genres, moods and styles. Use our filter search function which enables you to search multiple genres and moods at the same time! simply tick your required genres, and hit apply.

Did you know?

FCP Audio is a UK based global provider of Royalty Free customisable music for FCPX. Every ‘SoundStack’ purchased from us comes with a music licence agreement, allowing you to use your tracks on any media platform. No hassle or worrying if it can be used on social, or youtube, or even on an advert or film.

Want to Watch all the tutorial steps? head on over to our tutorial page.  

Finally, to download a FREE track and try it for your self, simply click here.  

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