Final Cut Pro Tutorial | Step 2 Building a Track | FCP Audio

Final Cut Pro Tutorial | Step 2 Building a Track | FCP Audio

So now you have watched Step 1 Installation, or perhaps you decided to skip it, as like most of us you believe reading the manual to be reserved solely for granddads of the 80’s, tirelessly trying to set their VCR to record Eastenders. This next step however, is quite important. So read on and we will introduce you to the beginnings of how to design your own musical works from scratch!

Below is step 2 – Building a Track. We believe that buying music, or background music for your Final Cut Pro project should be easy. We understand that purchasing audio form other sites can pose a big problem: all of the tracks are set to one specific length. No extending the track, or making it shorter without hearing unprofessional edits. This results in editors being required to build their video around their chosen song.

FCP Audio have developed the ‘SoundStack’, allowing users the ability to build a track from scratch within the Final Cut Pro X timeline. By simply using all of the separate elements of the pre recorded long, medium and short versions, users can build entire arrangements from scratch. All of the elements of every song are separated. This allows you to quickly build the track to suit your video. Do you need your track to be more sparse and delicate to match the video content? No problem! You can start by using a solo piano part for example, then as you gradually ‘Stack’ audio, you can build your track into a colossal crescendo, ending your song with a ‘BANG’. Do you want an extended version of the song? Simply continue ‘Stacking’ sections as required.

Take a look at how it works below.

Want to know more?

If you love our new innovative way of building your own, Royalty Free music compositions, why not head over to our ‘SoundStack’ page and browse of our many different genres, moods and styles. Team FCP are adding new music on a weekly basis, with lots of exciting new projects in the pipe line. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for frequent updates on special offers and new music.

FCP Audio – The Home of the SoundStack

FCP Audio is a UK based global provider of customisable music for FCPX. With a wide variety of genres available, easily editable music at your fingertips. We’re ready and armed to help you produce video’s with a look and sound that Hollywood would be proud of.

Want to Watch all the tutorial steps? head on over to our  tutorial page  

Finally, to download a FREE track and try it for your self, simply click here  

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