Final Cut Pro X Training | Step 6 Mix and Master | Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X Training | Step 6 Mix and Master | Final Cut Pro X

In this Final Cut Pro X Training video we are going to show you how to mix and master your final track. This is will help to boost the calibre of your video, making it finally possible to compete with the pro’s. Pro audio engineers spend decades honing their craft. It is a fine art and the ability to develop a skilled ear is a real talent. Yoad Nevo for example is world renowned for having fantastic ears, which combine with his ability to place elements perfectly within a songs mix.

We are going to begin by showing you the basics of mixing and mastering within the Final Cut Pro X interface. The main advantage of this technique is to glue together all of the audio parts within your project. When executed correctly, this will effectively create one balanced stereo mix, whilst simultaneously raising the over all volume and preventing clipping by limiting the audio signal.

Watch the below video for our recommendations of the best native audio plugins to use for your final mix.

FCP Audio ‘SoundStacks’

Now you’re armed with some useful tips and tricks! These processes will work for all forms of audio within FCPX but nothing can compete with our ‘SoundStacks!’ You may think we are biased but if you’re not convinced, prove us wrong and check out our ‘SoundStack’ page here. Our ever growing customer base is proof alone of our quality and value for money.

Want to see a full over view Tutorial?

Head over to FCP Audio’s tutorial page where Steve, one of our engineers will walk you through all of the required basics. He will show you how build and arrange a track, and How to Sync Audio and Video in Final Cut Pro.

Want to try it for your self?

FCP Audio have created a FREE track called Untouchable. You can download this track here and practice arranging and editing to the beat before you buy.

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