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Final Cut Pro X Tutorial | Step 1 Installation

Here at FCP Audio, we would like to make it as easy as possible for you to use our ‘SoundStacks’. Our team have tenderly devised a selection of Final Cut Pro X Tutorials. This is Step 1, Installation. Watch the video below for a step by step guide on how to Install our music plugin.

What is FCP Audio?

A team of talented industry professionals embarked on a journey of mutual interest. We wanted to provide a better way of accessing online music. The team worked tirelessly to find new ways of producing Royalty Free music and ‘voila’ the ‘SoundStack’ was born.

Step inside the world of FCP Audio ‘SoundStacks’. Discover music that is fully customisable. We understand just how long it takes to create and produce captivating audio. And how it takes even longer to then painstakingly synch that audio for use on that all-important video.

Our ‘SoundStack’ plugin offers you an unrivalled choice of audio tracks which you can stack until you have something truly special.

Created in-house at our purpose built studio by our team of experts, we’re confident our plugin is something you’ll depend on time and time again.

FCP Audio – The Home of the SoundStack

FCP Audio is a UK based global provider of customisable music for FCPX. With a wide variety of genres available, easily edited at your fingertips, we’re ready and armed to help you make your video look and sound massive.

Watch Steps 2 – 6 on your tutorial page  

Finally, to download a FREE track and try for your self, simply click here  

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