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Final Cut Pro X Tutorials – Free Resources

Due to Apple’s fantastic new updates, a lot of attention has been growing of late surrounding Final Cut Pro X. As a result, many web content creators and bloggers are providing a range of useful information. FCPX is renowned for its user-friendly interface which guarantees ease of use. Consequently, professionals and videographers around the world are now accepting FCPX as the number one NLE platform. It can be hard to find quality Final Cut Pro X tutorials free, so we hope this list will be of use. 


Final Cut Pro X has undergone a series of modifications and updates since its release. As a result, there are a lot of improved capabilities on offer. Consequently, to become an expert in Final Cut Pro X and improve your skills, it is especially important to take advantage of the many, free online resources. Due to the many training classes, forums and weekly podcasts available, it has never been easier to keep updated.  

Joining of the FCPX community, meeting with other editors and engaging in discussions to share your ideas online is a great start. In addition, many advanced members of the community are happy to help others to improve their abilities. Furthermore, we have compiled a comprehensive list of different websites which offer the best resources around. Utilise this compilation to figure out which resource is best suited to your learning style. This list was assembled to offer all users a comprehensive guide to all things FCPX. The list is in no particular order, so read on and find out what works best for you. 

Here are the Best Final Cut Pro X Tutorials and Free Resources 


First of all, what issues have you encountered whilst using Final Cut Pro X? Or is there a question you quickly need an answer to? Since the official Apple site is a great resource, we advise joining the active FCPX support community. Most noteworthy, it is likely that any questions you wish to ask have already been answered. It is therefore a good idea to quickly scan the forums before adding any questions of your own.


This is the home base of Zach’s YouTube page. Here he shares tips and offers tutorials and training packs which can be obtained from this site for a small fee. Zach is probably one of the most skilled FCPX users offering help to the public. Furthermore he often offers behind the scenes shorts, showing how he achieved the end result in his videos.

Peter Wiggins, Editor-in-Charge at the popular Final Cut Pro X website, This site is prioritised around news and also offers tips and tutorials for Final Cut Pro X. Consequently the forum is held in high authority within the FCPX community offering frequent updates. 


Known as the leading advocate and educator for Final Cut Pro X. Larry’s site shares the same tips and tutorials for FCPX as most, however they are geared mostly towards professional editing. He offers frequent “power up webinars” which take a very critical look at workflows and editing techniques.


This is a web show hosted on Youtube and created by the guys over at Ripple Training. The aim of the show is to explore video production software for Mac, especially Final Cut Pro X. These episodes will teach you how to get the desired results from FCPX. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to make sure you don’t miss out.


Finally, Lynda is known for her advice on improving technical, creative and business skills. As a result, she will show you how to improve all of your skills within FCPX. With a 10 day free trial, you can decide if you want to proceed or cancel, but due to its success, it is likely you will continue your subscription. She has a wealth of very useful knowledge. 

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