Final Cut Pro X Update 10.4 Will Land Later This Year

At the recent FCPX Creative Summit presentation in Cupertino, California, the Final Cut Pro X update 10.4 was announced. 

Attendees were offering the opportunity to get to grips with the Final cut Pro X Update on the not yet released iMac Pro. One Apple employee may have mentioned the iMac Pro in use was the 10 core model. Video Professionals got to see the iMac Pro playing back 8K media on the timeline, un-rendered.

So what will we expect to see when 10.4 lands. Here listed are few of the features which are gaining the most attention:


  • 360 transitions
  • 360 titles
  • Support for VR workflows
  • Support for HDR workflow
  • Colour Wheels with Curves
  • Support for custom camera LUTs
  • HEVC support



Peter Wiggins the resource behind Tweeted.



It did not take long for Alex Gollner @Alex4D to post videos

of his time at the presentation on Twitter.



All in All 10.4 seems to be a long awaited update in terms of the

massively requested color wheels,

Although it is reported no audio enhancements were mentioned.