Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X updates | Plugins for Final Cut Pro

Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X updates | Plugins for Final Cut Pro

Apple has revealed a second update in the last four months this week and they will now provide close captioning tools and ProRes RAW support.

First of all, the Californian giant has said its latest updates will be free for those who already have the software.

The new Final Cut Pro X features –  including Motion and Compressor is now live and already earning its plaudits.

What are the new features? FCP Audio explains | Plugins for FCPX

ProRes Raw 

ProRes will video editors to work on high-quality imagery and is especially relevant in today’s market. Furthermore, it also gives the right amount of performance so that the editing process is streamlined. The ProRes RAW format will give people the best of both world’s. The performance of ProRes and the added benefit of RAW.

As a result, this new feature will be perfect for adjustments to high-quality imagery. It will allow FCPX users work with RAW data straight from your camera sensor.

ProRes RAW also comes with a performance boost. This means an iMac pro can play up to 8 simultaneous streams of 4k video within the picture-in-picture editing process.

The whole process allows for big changes in rendering and export times over competitors like Canon Cinema RAW Light and Redcode RAW.

Closed Captioning 

FCPX now boasts an array of closed-captioning tools meaning filmmakers and editors can create or import captions.

The captions are bound to the chosen audio or video clip so that when you move a clip, a caption will move along with it.

Apple has created the added validation feature so that you’ll instantly know if a caption is formatted improperly, has invalid characters, has errors or overlaps.

This new feature by Apple comes with Vimeo and YouTube support and can be exported as a sidecar file or embedded straight into a video file.

You can now import your closed caption files straight into your projects from scratch. In addition, captions can be attached to audio or video clips in the timeline and will be viewable during playback.

FCP Audio is a leading provider of customisable audio plugins for Final Cut Pro.  And we believe that closed captioning is essential.

In conclusion, we think Closed Captioning unveiled by Apple is an extremely powerful way for YouTubers, students and filmmakers to add captions with ease. Without forking out for expensive third-party services.

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