How to find the right music for your next video | Royalty Free Music UK

How to find the right music for your next video | Royalty Free Music UK

Having the right audio to match your latest film or video is essential. Make no mistake, it will make the difference between being pro or amateur. In a nutshell, the right music at the right tempo will engage and entice the viewer.

But how do you decide which is the most suitable music for your next creative project and how do you narrow down your options?

Here, FCP Audio, a Royalty Free Music UK platform for video, gives you some insider knowledge and top tips to get you started.

It can prove extremely tricky and time-consuming when it comes to finding the perfect song to set the tone for video.

And if you want to avoid hours of trawling the internet there are some core key and proven methods to make life that little bit easier.

Became a Search Master

Sites like FCPAudio allow you to easily navigate through their website and they provide a full library of Royalty Free Music UK. By searching the SoundStack section, you can quickly move between genre specific audio until something jumps out at you.

Rather than spending sleepless nights using the search engines, sites like this do the hard work for you, all in one place, under one roof.

Once you select a specific audio ‘SoundStack’ you’ll be able to preview the audio before you buy and you can even download a free track to see how their customisable music works.

Know Your Genre!

Understanding your genre and who your audience is will speed up your search dramatically.

Before you start searching for audio, ask yourself some key questions. Is my video a light-hearted TV commercial? Is my video for a corporate client? Or is my video something that needs to create suspense and drama?

Once you’ve understood this only then can you go ahead and find the right track for the job.

But don’t just stop there. Using FCP Audio ‘SoundStacks’ you can stack various elements of the track you’ve just downloaded, all within the FCPX Timeline, creating something truly unique and professional.

Don’t Dive Straight in. Take Time to Listen Before You Shoot!

The world’s creatives are often of the belief that the correct soundtrack is a core element in the overall success of a video. Rather than finding audio after you’ve filmed, think about the compositions beforehand.

Need great audio? Head to FCP Audio

We hope that some of these super simple tips have got those audio creative juices flowing. And if you liked this article don’t forget to give it a share on your socials.

FCP Audio is a leading provider of royalty free music UK. If you need affordable, easy to edit, easy to customise music, we can help.

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