The Essential Take Aways When Filming a Food Video | Audio for FCPX

The Essential Tips for Filming a Food Video | Audio for FCPX

From picking the correct audio to setting up the camera, food videos and adverts are big business.

FCP Audio is an audio for FCPX platform. We shall fill you in on what you need to know when producing content featuring the world of cooking.

On Vimeo and YouTube, top-down videos about cooking are seriously popular. Whether you’re creating a video for your own website or for Instagram, there are a variety of ways you can shoot. There’s no exact formula!

Here are just some of the most popular techniques and some top approaches you can consider…

The Ground Up Technique

A C-stand for your camera is all you need for this form of shot. BUT, if you opt for a larger camera, you can always opt for using two C-stands making sure they meet in the middle.

Make an Affordable Overhead Rig

To make a cheap overhead rig for shooting your cookery content, this is the way to go. All you need is a drill, some screws and two pieces of wood. Of course, depending on your garage or the set up in your studio, your dimensions will vary. Remember, a C-stand is meant to be moved from shoot to shoot but the rig will always be stationary.

The beauty is though, it will always be ready to use when you need it!

The overhead rig is ideal for product or food photography as it can hold any type of backdrop. There’s also no need to prep a new set up for lighting if you want to do eye-catching slow motion shots.

If you want more views to your channel, this super simple set up will prove very handy. Just ensure that you have a solid backdrop which is evenly lit, along with a camera that can function remotely.

What else is an essential must for food-based filming?

Well, good music of course! Having dynamic audio is essential for any good video and food-based content is no different. Having appropriate music is always a good idea for any type of video. But with food video’s the musical mood or genre can vary drastically depending on the numerous variables involved and the type of cuisine being exhibited.

If you’re using Final Cut Pro to edit your videos, then we supply a full music library of customisable audio for FCPX.

For more information, visit our website today.

Below is an example of a food video using one of our ‘SoundStacks’. Happy ‘Stacking’.

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