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Want to learn How to Edit Audio in Final Cut Pro?

Today we are going to look at how to edit audio in Final Cut Pro. Using keyframes to adjust the volume of your music is essential for voiceover work. It will help any recorded speech to stand out from the musical bed so it can be heard more clearly. The technique is also very useful for creating fades at the beginning or end of music tracks and can be a great help when more precise editing is required.
Below is a typical example in which ducking the volume of the music track is required. The dialogue is rendered loud and clear without being lost in the music.

How to Edit Audio in Final Cut Pro

The quickest way to alter sections of volume is by selecting the RANGE tool from the Tools pop-up menu above the timeline. Even faster, the shortcut for the range to can be found by pressing R.
Once the range tool is selected the pointer changes to the Range Selection tool .
Drag the Range selection tool over the music track from the start point, (where you want the music to get quieter), to the end point, (where the music is to return to normal volume).
Once the selection has been made, simply hover over the the horizontal volume line and drag down.
This will automatically create four keyframes that you can adjust later when you are fine editing.
Now that we have the music volume ducking under our dialogue, we need to fine edit. Listening to the selection will allow you to increase or decrease the volume of the music track accordingly. In the below picture you can see more keyframes have been added. This was required as the four keyframes that were automatically created were not precise enough. To add another keyframe, Option-click (or press Option-K) whist the cursor is in the position required. To move the keyframes simply place the curser over the white keyframe marker and drag left or right, up or down.

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