Want to learn How to Sync Audio and Video in Final Cut Pro?

We have all experienced the headache encountered when editing footage to the beat in Final Cut Pro. The process is long, complicated and only as good as the ears of the editor. Cutting footage to be in sync with audio and hoping you have tapped “M” to mark the point correctly is somewhat of a guessing game. This technique can leave you with amateur looking videos that do not sync well with the audio and in return your audience do not engage as you had hoped. Although editing to the beat is not always the right choice for every style of video editing,  taking no regard for the audio you are using is an absolute no no.


We are going to show you How to Sync Audio and Video in Final Cut Pro, easily!

One of the big advantages of editing to the beat with precision, especially with fast paced action sequences or montages, is that you can captivate the viewer and hold their attention. What they are seeing in your video, they are hearing too, a combination which can create compelling viewing material.


FCP Audio’s Visual Click Track

Here at FCP Audio we see the struggles editors have with editing footage in sync. Today we are going to show you How to Sync Audio and Video in Final Cut Pro. Each and every Track within a ‘SoundStack’ comes with a Visual Click track. Dragging the click track into the time line gives you an automatic tempo synced marker to cut too. This means no more guessing, no more hoping and perfectly synchronised cuts to the songs tempo.


Want to see how it works?

Head over to FCP Audio’s tutorial page where Steve, one of the Producers will walk you through the basics. He will show you how build and arrange a track, and How to Sync Audio and Video in Final Cut Pro.


Want to try it for your self?

No problem. FCP Audio have created a FREE track called Untouchable. You can download this track here and practice arranging and editing to the beat.