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LED Lights for Video | NAB 2018: The Best New Lights Unveiled

This year’s NAB trade show was illuminated by the unveiling of some impressive new lights from a range of the most well-established manufacturers. They all showcased their best equipment and kit. But with so much choice out there it can be hard to find the best on offer. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the some of the best LED Lights for Video lighting, revealed at the NAB show this year. Filmmakers and photographers should be excited to try out this new gear and satisfy all of their LED video lighting needs.

Lumos – Glow Panel 400c

Known for producing powerful and versatile LED lights, Lumos have released the new glow panel 400c. The light is designed with a mid-sized fixture and integrated panel with a durable, all-metal construction. Furthermore this panel is appropriate for taking on almost any shoot. One of the most appealing aspects of the Glow panel 400c is the great range of colour temperatures. Not many manufacturers offer such a wide spectrum, ranging from 2800k to 10000k. This makes it suitable for any set up or location. Providing you are willing to spend a little extra cash. For those of you on a budget, Lumos also revealed the more affordable Glow Panel 400f. A more traditional LED panel. It has the capability of switching between tungsten and daylight colour balance easily with no complicated steps.

Kinotehnik – Practilite 802

Kinotehnik never fail to impress and once again have surprised us all by launching their first bi-colour power panel LED. The Practilite 802 uses advanced secondary optics to achieve high-light output and efficiency. Ideal for documentaries and reality TV production, as well as event videography due to the impressive durable technology. This powerful LED is dust proof, water proof and completely silent. Therefore making it a great choice for different locations and terrain. The strong durability also means its condition is easily maintainable. Compatible with smart devices making for an easy set up and adjustment. The Practilite 802 is one of the best new LED lights for video showcased at the NAB. Not only due to its powerful output, but also because of its suitability for a multitude of production conditions.

Westcott – Solix LED light

We thought it would be impossible to beat the Aperture 120d, but Westcott has proven us wrong by launching the new Solix LED light. Its appeal lies in its customisation capabilities. This is all down to the fully rotatable 360-degree speed ring. Users can attach equipment to such as umbrella mounts and soft boxes. Especially useful for filmmakers on the go, this LED light is perfect for a quick set up as the power and dimming can be altered with ease. The Solix is getting a lot of attention from avid filmmakers looking for great lights that don’t hinder their production, but help move things along smoothly. Westcott pride themselves on their lightweight, compact moonlight, flicker-free performance with minimal sound emission. Not to mention their magnetic mounting system. There is an endless list of features for this fantastic new product from Westcott. Hence making it one of the best LED lights launched at this year’s NAB trade show 2018.

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