Set Essentials | Production Equipment You Should ALWAYS Have | Plugins for FCPX

Set Essentials | Production Equipment You Should ALWAYS Have | Plugins for FCPX

If you’re new to the world of video production sets, FCP Audio believes there are three key pieces of gear you should ALWAYS have by your side.

Why do we know this? Because in the early days we didn’t have any of these things and we had to learn the hard way!

For sure, being on a film set for the very first time can seem a little daunting. There’s so much going on. People running around like madmen shouting commands you’ve never heard of before can unsettle the best of us. Trust us, you’ll get used to it!

But before you even step onto the set, carry these things with you and impress your new employers. Practical, handy and essential, here are our top three set essentials.

The C Stand

First of all, C Stands are up there with the most useful pieces of gear you could find on a set. They pop up just about everywhere. You can use them to support boom poles, prop up diffusers or use them to rig lighting.

Furthermore, their makeup couldn’t be simpler. A metal rod with arms! Make sure the longest leg lies beneath the biggest weight on your set up and you’re good to go.

Gaffer Tape

Filmmakers use gaffer tape too! This age-old tape is probably the handiest thing to have around and videographers the world often depend on it for its heat resistance and versatility.

Don’t be fooled into thinking duct tape is the tape of choice here. Because Duct tape can easily catch fire and has ruined many a set in its time. While Gaffer tape, on the other hand, is heat resistant and refuses to melt.

Use it to prevent tripping hazards and fix anything that could break on set.

Lav Mics

If you’re tasked with being an audio assistant, you may be asked to lav somebody up. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But basically, a lav mic is a wireless mic that comes complete with a clip. But don’t just clip it to their shirt as that can come off extremely amateurish.

In addition, To lav your subject, you should feed it through a shirt or a top and tape it to the inside of the collar. That’s the most common way of doing things and highly effective!

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