What’s New in Final Cut Pro X Pro world? | FCP Audio News | Plugins for FCPX

What’s new in Final Cut Pro X Pro world? | FCP Audio News | Plugins for FCPX

One of the world’s leading providers of customisable music plugins for FCPX has noticed some big changes within the Final Cut Pro X world of late.

Apple means business when it comes to re-affirming their position as the world’s best video editing platform.

The last few months has seen a flurry of activity surrounding the FCPX platform. Version 10.4.1 has a lot to offer in the current climate.

The world’s video pro’s and filmmakers have turned to FCPX for their processing and production needs. Apple’s software is used by dedicated hobbyists, indie film makers and pro’s alike. The software has proven to be an instrumental tool for many editors all across the board. Take hit TV programmes and films such as George to the Rescue and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, for example.

So What are the Latest Features on Apple’s Latest Final Cut Pro Update?

This month, as reported in a number of our earlier posts, there is a variety of big new features within Final Cut Pro X.

Perhaps the most notable feature is ProRes RAW, which Apple says combines ProRes performance with the workflow of RAW video.

The new ProRes RAW feature allows users to edit, import and grade RAW footage with far more control over parameters like shadow and highlight settings.

Video pros can also sample full quality ProRes RAW files on the macOS platform in real time, completely removing the need for rendering.

And don’t forget you can now create captions in the timeline, and adjust closed caption colour, text and placement.

Furthermore, the share window has also received an update as well. A newly created Roles Tab now displays video and audio title roles within one pane. This makes for far easier closed caption publishing.

How to Get Your Hands on Final Cut Pro X

If you already have Final Cut Pro X, then this new update will be free for you to access. If you’re purchasing from scratch, expect to pay £299.00. However, fear not as if you want to try before you buy, Apple offers a 30-day trial. If you’re serious about video, then this could be the best investment you’ve ever made.

What are the requirements for using Final Cut Pro X?

So, in order for Final Cut Pro X to work, you will need a Mac running 10.13.2 or later. You’ll also need – at the minimum – 4GB of RAM. 8 GB however, is recommended. You’ll also need an Intel HD Graphics 3000 later, or an OpenCL GPU graphics card. For a full list of requirements head to the Final Cut Pro X page of specifications.

FCP Audio – The home of the SoundStack

FCP Audio is one of the world’s leading providers of customisable audio plugins for FCPX. If you need professional, copyright free, customisable audio, then look no further.

Using our ‘SoundStack’ system could not be easier, you can stack all of the core elements of a track, including drum loops, music loops, guitars, vocal, risers, and SFX. You can stack as you please until you have a unique track which perfectly compliments your video.

Head on over to our SoundStacks page here to see our extensive music library and check out our STEP BY STEP TUTORIALS here.

FCP Audio – making sound simple.

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