Plugins for Final Cut Pro | FCP Audio | Superior Customisable audio

plugins for final cut pro
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Plugins for Final Cut Pro | FCP Audio | Superior Customisable audio

Are you searching the net for music plugins for Final Cut Pro? Are you in need of customisable audio plugins that are Royalty-Free and cover a range of genres? Do you need world-class audio for your videos? FCP Audio holds the key.

Our aim is to make life that little bit simpler for you. We provide plugins for Final Cut Pro, offering a full music library which is as diverse as it is cutting-edge.

Our Story – How FCP Audio Began

FCP Audio started out right here in the UK. We were set up by music industry professionals when we noticed a large gap in the market. The lack of distinguished audio out there was both obvious and frustrating to us.

That’s why we decided to provide a music library which our clients could access and edit to make their own unique audio samples. Our plugins enable businesses to edit the track length and stack different elements to make their own bespoke compositions. We therefore, offer a completely unique service that is hard to rival on the market today.

The SoundStack – Customisable, Royalty-Free Music

FCP Audio offers unique, Royalty-Free Music for creatives to use on their video productions and content. A ‘SoundStack’ is an audio pack which creates a whole world of bespoke audio and music. Following installation your audio is instantly availiable within the FCPX audio sidebar. What’s more, once you have downloaded the audio that suits your video production, it is yours to keep forever. It can also be modified so you can use it time and time again.

Who uses FCP Audio’s Plugins?

It is surprising the vast array of clientele that wants to access our plugin services. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. In the professional world today, videography is not only more affordable, but it is vital when you want to get noticed online. Shooting a strong promotional video could make all the difference to your business when it comes to growing your online brand. This is where FCP Audio plugins come in – we provide the audio needed to enrich production videos – and the music library is vast, meaning whether you are shooting an uplifting advert or a rousing electronic driven piece – then have no fear, there will be audio suitable for you and your vision.

Check out our Help Guides & Free Tutorials

FCP Audio are amongst the world’s leading professionals. When it comes to audio plugins we have spent years researching what is both necessary and helpful to businesses when they want to create audio for video productions. Explore our website to find out more and don’t forget to check out our free Help Guides & Tutorials Sections to see how the process works.