Introducing Advert Music Orchestral | FCP Audio | Royalty Free Music for Final Cut Pro

Introducing Advert Music Orchestral | FCP Audio | Royalty Free Music for Final Cut Pro

Are you searching for outstanding Royalty Free Music for Final Cut Pro? Do you need first-class advert music for your videos?

We’ve made it our mission to provide the world’s filmmakers and YouTubers with awesome customisable audio for Final Cut Pro X.

We’re always proud when we have a new ‘SoundStack’ to share! Guess what? We’ve got a new addition to our library to announce.

Produced and recorded at FCP Audio HQ and priced at just £29.99, Advert Music Orchestral is a welcome addition to our custom audio collection and is the perfect match for a variety of background and advert visuals.

Tell me more about Advert Music Orchestral

Like all of our products, Advert Music Orchestral is a premium digital pack of audio that you can tailor to your own specific requirements and customise within the FCPX timeline.

Within this ‘SoundStack’, you get three separate and unique tracks which are broken down into the following…

  • Risers and licks
  • Fills and music loops
  • SFX loops, drum loops, and much, much more!

And remember, £29.99 is one time price you pay for this ‘SoundStack’. Three amazing tracks, with an unlimited licence that you can re-create as many times as you want for under £30.00!

All you need to do is ‘Stack’ the audio loops within Final Cut Pro X and harness your creative skills to build unique arrangements for your content.

To make life that little bit easier and to make sure your video looks as professional as possible, you can also take advantage of our visual click track. Edit to the beat, and sync your visuals with ease.

What do I get in my Advert Music Orchestral SoundStack?

Penny Whistle – 2 FX, 13 Loops, 3 tracks in 4/4, 69BPM
Jolly Wander – 1 FX, 21 Loops, 3 tracks in 4/4, 120BPM
Intrigue – 13 Loops, 3 Tracks in 4/4, 88BPM

Browse our full range SoundStacks right here

Tell me more about FCP Audio

FCP Audio is an industry-leading music production library for users of Final Cut Pro X. Giving the world’s filmmakers access to amazing Royalty Free Music for Final Cut Pro is our mission. We understand how hard it can be to access advert music audio!

All you need to do is scan through our SoundStacks and select the genre or style which suits your project the best.

Once you have download and installed, the audio will be instantly available in your Audio Sidebar. From there you can preview the elements of each of your three tracks, dragging and dropping into the Final Cut Pro timeline with ease.


Need to get in touch? Want to learn more? No problem. Contact us here and let us know how we can help you.

We love to hear from our community and if you want to get in touch we’re here for you.

FCP Audio – making sound simple for the world’s video creatives.

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