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Royalty Free Music For Final Cut Pro | Royalty Free Upbeat Music | FCP Audio

The new cutting-edge online platform for Royalty Free Music for Final Cut Pro has a new ‘SoundStack’ to share.

Priced at just £29.99, we’re super proud of Charged Bliss.  First of all, we’d like to introduce a brand spanking new ‘SoundStack’ that is Royalty Free Upbeat Music.

Because we want to make your experience even better, this has been designed for all you creatives out there who want something a little more modern and upbeat.

If you’ve heard of FCP Audio, then you’ll know that we’re one of the world’s leading music libraries for customisable audio in Final Cut Pro X right now. While others provide an expensive single track only, that is hard to match up to your footage.

This is the ultimate platform for people of all editing abilities. We’re the go-to plugin for music for Final Cut Pro.

Why does FCP Exist?

Whatever the reason, we believe that everyone should have access to great and easy customisable audio, but this isn’t always the case.

Quick, easy to use and affordable, we’ve made it our mission to provide creatives who are familiar with the NLE platform FCPX to have access to awesome content. That’s why we’ve launched yet another ‘SoundStack’.

Due to popular demand, Charged Bliss is just one example of the authentic range of genres we have available online.

From the inspirational and the cinematic, to the eighties inspired to the rock. We want to provide you with the ultimate selection for all of your creative video needs.

FCP Audio| Charged Bliss | Royalty Free Music For Final Cut Pro

We love our new ‘SoundStack’ and we know you will too. This package therefore, like all of our music, is created, produced and made available by our UK team of producers.

Ideal for adverts, product reviews and upbeat promotional efforts, this product is already proving popular and is available now online for you to snap up.

Why? Well, it sounds fantastic and each of the three tracks available in the ‘SoundStack’ are broken down, as ever into its core elements including

  • SFX
  • Music loops
  • Drum loops
  • Fillers
  • In addition to that, you’ll also get Risers, licks and more.

Then comes another creative part….

There’s a reason why we call it a ‘SoundStack’!

  • The ability to stack your audio on the Final Cut Pro X timeline.
  • You can create as many different musical arrangements to complement all of your video projects.
  • You can edit your video to the beat easily using the FCP Audiovisual click track.
  • Once the ‘SoundStack’ is downloaded, it’s yours to keep and use as you wish, forever.

Over to you!

Discover your SoundStack | Explore our Website Today

Finally, in order to unlock the door to superior editable audio with Final Cut Pro X explore our SoundStacks section and website today to find out more.

Want to see how the process works in action? Head on over to our online Tutorial and see how easy it is to make your video excite the eyes and ears of your customers.

Get in touch with us!

We always love hearing from our customers. If you have a burning question for us that isn’t explained on our website – simply email us here via our online form.

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