Tips for Selling Your Cameras and Video Gear Online | Music for Adverts

Tips for Selling Your Cameras and Video Gear Online | Music for Adverts

When it’s time to sell your old video gear or camera and move onto your next gadget, there are some essential steps to follow to get the best value for money from your buyer.

Before you post online, don’t forget to follow these all-important rules and watch as the pounds roll in.

Do your research

It’s all in the prep. So before you even think about selling your old gear it’s really important to research the marketplace.
eBay is an ideal place to start but don’t forget to check out other platforms such as Marketplace and Facebook.

By comparing those numbers across the different online avenues available to you, you’ll be able to gauge a competitive price. It’s only until you get a sense of the market that you can tailor a cost.

Keep an eye on the time of year

Depending on the equipment in question, it’s crucial to keep an eye on what time of year it is and be mindful of those rumours about what could hit the market next.

If you’re selling in the winter time for instance, there will no doubt be a flurry of news coming from the industry. This could have a major impact on what you’re asking for your video gear or camera.

The prices can drop and vary wildly throughout the year and timing is everything in this game.

Take awesome shots

It may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people try to sell their old gear online but forget to take a great image of the item in question..

To make your equipment look inviting, make sure the lighting is right and it’s set against an appropriate backdrop or setting.
Nothing puts a person off more than a blurred or poorly lit image. Simply relying on the manufacturer’s images is a big no no.

If there are issues with what you’re selling, be honest and get a snap that reflects its condition. If the image is good and it only has a little wear, your would-be buyer may overlook that in favour of a bargain.

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