Top 5 Video Editing Apps For iPhone

iphone 11 Video Editing Apps
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video editing apps
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As the world of social media continues to develop and mobile phone technology grows exponentially, video editing apps are becoming more easily accessible, with many features which used to be exclusive only to desktop. With this in mind, we decided to share with you our top five, go to video editing apps for iOS. Here goes nothing..


video editing apps
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Quick Peek

Price – £29.99

  • Native effects and titles
  • Colour correction
  • Professional feel and end product
  • Includes music
  • Import from SMB network drives, SanDisc iXpand flash drives and cloud storage

At first glance, £29.99 seems like a lot to pay for any iOS video editing apps. However, on closer inspection once you see the quality and range of features, you will realise that LumaFusion is a worthy investment. The user layout is intuitive and shares similarities with many NLE desktop video editing apps. We really enjoy using the multitrack editing layout, it does have a somewhat nostalgic feel when compared to most of the other video editing apps currently available.

Key Features

  • Multiple layout options for any different video editing styles 
  • Supports 18 – 60 FPS INCLUDING 29.97 AND 59.94 
  • Duplicate, add notes and colour tag to keep organised
  • Keyframing with size and position animation
  • Live Audio Mixing
  • Slip and Ripple editing
  • Advanced Titles
  • Access to Royalty Free Audio, Loops, Sound FX, Video and Backgrounds

Video editing apps for iOS were mostly based around footage imported directly from the camera roll until LumaFusion. The introduction of the file application from Apple changed the game somewhat, but the LumaFuion app offers import and export to the cloud, along with SMB network drives and SanDisc iXpand flash drives. This also means the user can purchase audio from the likes of FCP Audio, then Airdrop straight to your device and use within your projects. It couldn’t be simpler.  

The intuitive design offers various touch commands for easy editing. Double tap the viewer to enter full screen for precise trimming, or swipe up and down for marking in and out points. 

Clips can easily be replaced while maintaining the applied transitions and effects and there is a fairly impressive selection of free transitions, effects, titles and audio to add to your projects. Green screen footage can also be keyed out fairly easily with great results. 

To summarise. We feel that LumaFusion is the front runner for iOS video editing apps, assuming that you already have some prior knowledge of video editing and are familiar with NLE desktop apps. The £29.99 price mark is fair, but separates the app from the cheaper and free apps which are more suited to the amateur, or people just looking to have a little fun. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

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Quick Peek

Price – Subscription £9.99 Per Month with in app purchases 

  • Multitrack Timeline
  • Custom Titles
  • 100g Cloud Storage
  • Sharing to socials and Youtube made easy
  • Adobe Sensei AI for great sound
  • Mobile and desktop

Rush is our second pic from the paid video editing apps. If you are looking for the best video editing software for Youtube then look no further. One of the great features of Rush is its availability for both iOS and desktop. This enables you to work on the go with your phone, then refine your project further when you arrive home. Rush will cost about £9.99, but this includes 100g cloud storage and a vast range of features. 

Rush is pretty easy to get to grips with. All work is synced with the cloud, the exported projects can be rendered with the specs required by your chosen platform. Adobe Sensei AI is enabled as well, for auto-ducking, noise reduction and sound balancing. Users are also granted access to built in animated templates with a multitrack timeline. 

We love how simple and effective the layout is. It is aimed more towards the amateur enthusiast whilst still maintaining a lot of pro features. The tools for adjustments and effects are located neatly on the right, with the source panel on the left, both of which are hidden when not in use. We know that this post is geared for Youtube, but the exporting options for Rush support every social media platform you could wish for, meaning uploading to your fans is a doddle. Our only gripe with Rush is its lack of a copy and paste tool. This can become annoying when editing but is easily overlooked as soon as you perfect your workflow. 


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Quick Peek

Price – Free, Pro £3.50 Per Month

  • Edit images and Video
  • User Friendly
  • Designed primarily to optimise Instagram posts
  • SFX, titles, emoji’s and filters
  • Create photo collages
  • Easily sync audio to video

More aimed towards social media creators, Inshot is one of the video editing apps which also handles all of your photo editing needs. You won’t get features included with the likes of LumaFusion but the app is simple, straight to the point, easy to use and free. 

Anyone using an iPhone to create social media content will appreciate this neatly packaged, user friendly app. InShot offers the user the ability to easily edit video and images and create photo collages. There is a selection of quality filters, along with standard processing features such as cropping, contrast, saturation and brightness adjustment. 

InShot is a small app which doesn’t require much processing power compared to other video editing apps. This delivers a smooth user experience. You can easily add transitions and effects to your footage then add audio from iTunes or the InShot stock library. 

An interesting feature which we liked was the ability to increase video speed and reverse footage. Footage can also be rotated and flipped. The features are pretty standard, but InShot is easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin. 

As mentioned, InShot is one of the free video editing apps. You can however, upgrade to pro for £3.50 Per Month. This gives the user access to a wider selection of filters, transitions etc. and removes the InShot watermark from your exported media. 


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Quick Peek

Price – Free, Premium £6.99 Per Month or Pro £29.99 Per Month 

  • Selection of helpful templates, Birthday, Christmas, Events etc.
  • Import from Google Photo’s iStock and Gallery
  • Cool themes to suit your vibe
  • Access to a commercially licensed song library
  • Free, Premium and Pro depending on required level of media output
  • AI driven smart editor

We love Magisto for video editing for social media. The app offers some really cool templates and themes which make it easy for the user to create the desired effect, quickly and efficiently. This makes the app great for small businesses who have the need to create great content for marketing and promotion with minimal fuss. Magisto also offers a licensed song library built mostly from independent artists with some great music.  

Three different pricing plans offer different features. Video length is longer and resolution is higher for the Premium and Pro plans. Magisto also offers a dash somewhat similar to google analytics. This offers the user insights with data and statistics on who is engaging, where they are based and their sex, age etc. 

Digital marketing is made easy with Magisto. One of the best marketing video editing apps which offers 1080p, a large selection of themes and templates, stock footage, stock images and thousands of ready to use songs.

The video editing aspect of Magisto is powered by AI! You simply add your footage and images and select your desired song with a video editing style. The AI editor then creates a video for you. It is as easy as that. Once you are happy with your video, it can then be optimised for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Google. 

Magisto also offers a great resource for learning and help. There is a wealth of posts with FAQ’s along with live chat for any in app issues. 

Once you get to grips with this Magisto, it can be a very powerful tool to help promote your business. This is absolutely one of he best iOS video editing apps for any digital marketers out there looking to create consistent and vibrant content. 


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Quick Peek

Price – £5.99

  • High quality colour grading
  • Selection of Filters
  • Save favourite settings to apply to new footage
  • Real time previews, colour histograms, clipping previews
  • Save favourite frames as photos
  • Full HD export
  • Selection of helpful templates, Birthday, Christmas, Events etc.

OK, so grading alone may not be classed as a video editing app. But we loved VideoGrade so much we felt we couldn’t leave it from our list. With such a large selection of apps available for editing images, having one specifically for video’s seemed refreshing.  

We found VideoGrade to be a powerful grading app, which offers a range of great features and is extremely user friendly. As expected, the user can control the usual suspects like saturation, exposure, contrast and brightness along with vignette and colour temp. There is also a mixer to allow RGB input control, B&W filters, and an on screen histogram.

We liked the ability to export a single frame as an image after colour grading. The ability to save your settings is great too. If you have a set style for your footage VideoGrade saves a lot of time and adds consistency to your video’s. You can also chose desired FPS and resolution on import from your camera roll. 

.At only £5.99, VideoGrade is a great tool to add to your arsenal. The app can be firmly routed at the end of your video editing chain and help any user to create consistent and professional videos and images.