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Top Drones to buy in 2018

The drone market has grown exponentially since they first began to catch on about a decade ago. Luckily for all of you gadget lovers, the price point for an awesome drone has recently dropped significantly. The average spender can now afford a drone which they could only dream of flying a few years ago. The technology has advanced so much that drones are adorned with all sorts of add ons. Cameras, GPS and smartphone integration usually come as standard. Of course, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you should get some pretty nice extra features. We’ve taken our top picks from three price points: affordable, mid-range, and professional. Let’s take a look at the Top Drones to Buy in 2018.

Affordable Drones – $0-$200

This is your gateway into the world of drones. If you’re yet to purchase a drone, give one of these a try. However, you will find they’re not all for beginners. The technology has arrived at a point where some of the drones around $200 have become incredibly advanced.

Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter – This top rated drone is only $99.99 and is perfect for beginners and more advanced users alike. It is equipped with one key return so even first-timers can fly it without fear of losing their drone. It also has excellent hovering abilities so you can take great pictures.

Mid-Range Drones – $200-$500

If you want to step up your game a little bit, check out some of the drones in this price point. They offer greater durability, range and advanced options without spending serious cash.

DJI Spark Mini Drone – This cool little drone is a good step up to the mid-range level. It can fly up to 31 miles per hour, and at constant flight can last for 15 minutes from a full charge. This is slightly above average amongst its competition. With a two-axis mechanical gimbal, it can pitch at nearly 90 degrees for superior manoeuvrability. At $399, you fall just about in the middle of the price range, whilst still getting the quality of the more expensive drones.

Professional Drones – $500+

So you’ve really gone deep down the drone rabbit hole, and you’ve got to get your hands on the next level gear.  While not everyone can afford this kind of drone, if you want to be the top guy or gal on the block, there will be no doubt when you pull one of these out. 

DJI Mavic Pro – Another pick from DJI, this bad boy is the highest rated drone on Google for a reason.  It comes in at $1,149, so it isn’t just for the millionaire hobbyists.  It comes with a very stable GPS that can allow massive range.  Many users have experienced distances of over 15,000 feet without any issues.  It also folds into a very convenient size (about a water bottle), which makes it easy to transport just about anywhere. Take a look at Casey reviewing the Mavic Pro below.

Drones are an essential tool in the videographers tool set, not only are they fun and easy to fly but at todays prices they can open up a whole new world of footage.

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