UK based FCP Audio’s customizable Royalty Free Music Plugin

Greetings and salutations! FCP Audio welcomes you to our ‘SoundStack’ system, visit our library of Royalty Free, customizable music to complement your Filmmaking.

MUSIC plugins for FCPX

UK based FCP Audio’s customizable Royalty Free Music Plugins for FCPX are already laying down roots across the globe! Many Filmmakers, Videographers, Youtubers and the like are converting to the new way of editing music in FCPX. 

Our ‘SoundStack’ formula opens up a whole new creative direction for users to explore, bringing a new dimension to any media project.

‘SoundStacks’ install directly into the FCPX interface. This renders the music easily available for a streamlined workflow.

Customizable music has never been so simple!

So what is a ‘SoundStack?’

‘SoundStacks’ are a compilation of three professionally mastered, 100% Royalty Free compositions. These can be used in perpetuity for any purpose. All three compositions share a common genre, feel or mood, and come in various versions:

  • Long version (vocal)
  • Long version (instrumental)
  • Medium version
  • Short version
  • Each composition is also broken down into its fundamental elements for ‘Stacking’ which is explained below.

Neatly packaged and named accordingly, you can quickly preview and find the music which best suits your video. Then simply drag and drop the audio directly into the Final Cut Pro Timeline.

Sound ‘Stacking’

Each and every composition is separated in to its musical components. This allows the user to build and create their very own unique songs. Feel accomplished creating custom length soundtracks and evolving arrangements.

Click Track

Every composition is accompanied by our unique click track, allowing precise synchronization of audio and visual.


“I used Concerto Grosso for my final project and loved how I could create the music myself at the correct length and edit my film to the track tempo.”

Jack Sommerville – Studant

“I have loved experimenting with mixing and matching the elements from different songs. The options are endless. Thanks so much guys!”

Michael Flack  – Youtuber

“I strongly urge anyone who wants to feel like John Williams for a day to visit FCP Audio and have a listen at some of their various different creations and templates, all of which are customizable when you download!”

Oliver Higdon – Corporate Video – Higgybank Productions


Head on over to our TUTORIAL page and watch videos of the ‘SoundStack’ being used.

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FCP Audio is an industry-leader for giving the world’s creatives customisable Royalty-Free audio for video.

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