Video Tutorial | Why Your Vehicle Can Make The Ideal Dolly System | Plugins for FCPX

Video Tutorial | Why Your Vehicle Can Make The Ideal Dolly System | Plugins for FCPX

Many filmmakers have a vast range of tools at their disposal nowadays. Of course, some are way more costly than others. However, when working to a budget, sometimes all that is required is a small crew and a car.

The world’s indie directors have often found that a car can be the ideal portable stabiliser when shooting outdoors.

From complex angles to super simple setups, vehicles are a perfect way to add a new dimension to your coverage, especially when you’re on a budget.

Remember, the following tips certainly require proper planning and preparation. You must make sure to always remain safe. If you’re an amateur or seasoned pro, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you venture out.

Through the Window

By far the simplest of setups, this method is likely to be the most familiar. A lot of great footage can me taken from this angle when filmed correctly. If you want to create movement and build scope then capture these shots wide through your side and front windows in a moving vehicle. This will create a genuine voyeuristic atmosphere.

Out of the Window

Now that you’ve tried the through the window technique, filming out of it is the logical place to go next! If you want to capture low and high-speed tracking shots of other cars and moving vehicles, the out of the window gimbal technique is a firm favourite of the indie filmmaker.

The Tailgate

Once you’ve mastered out of the window and through the window, your vehicle video skills should now be a lot sharper. Now it’s time to take things up a notch. Filming out of the rear of your car allows you to capture some amazing detailed slider moves, some great push-ins and slow dolly shots. For the best results, vans, trucks and SUVs are the way to go for this technique. But please guys, make sure you’re strapped in properly.

With the sliding door open, you can capture amazing shots from the side of your vehicle. To do this, make sure you use a vehicle that has a door which locks open. This way, you can nail some fast-moving tracking shots of landscapes, animals and of people.

Remember, you don’t always need crazily expensive film gear to get unbelievable shots. Being creative is the key. From borrowing your Dad’s SUV to using household items, the possibilities are endless.

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